The Best Gearbox Distributor in Indonesia

The Best Gearbox Distributor in Indonesia

The Best Gearbox Distributor in Indonesia


Aside from transferring energy, gearbox can also be used for changing rotational speed, torque, and also the direction of power source. Because of this function, gearbox is very important and highly searched by industrial companies.


Inside the gearbox itself, there is a speed level that has been adjusted in such a way, so you can match it to the needs of industrial machines. Always choose a high quality gearbox from the best gearbox distributor in Indonesia which has been officially licensed and guaranteed.


Most of the damages that happen to the gearbox occur because of errors in selecting a speed reducer that is not suitable for the needs. This problem comes because of the lack of consumer understanding about various types of gearboxes and their functions.


To avoid this, let us list down the various gearboxes and their functions.


Types of Gearbox and Their Functions

1.  Gearbox Motovario Indonesia


Motovario SpA is a power transmission component manufacturing company for civil and industrial applications founded in 1965 by Giancarlo Raguzzoni in Formigine, Modena (ITALY).


Motovario specializes in the production of helical and helical gear reducers, mechanical speed variators, shaft mounted, electric motors, worm gear reducers, and motor inverters.



Motovario as an experienced manufacturer in the worm gear field continues to innovate products and adapt to global market demands.

Here are types of Gearbox Motovario:



A.   Worm Gear Motovario NMRV & NMRV Power



The Motovario NMRV worm gear is a gearbox with screw-like shape. It consists of gear pinion, pinion and wormgear, which functions to reduce the rotation speed of the original rotation.


There is a difference in the ratio, where the operation of the Motovario KMRN worm gear will be automatically locked and cannot be spined in the opposite direction. While the Motovario NMRV Power worm gear is the latest in the worm gear series.


Besides the quality, these two worm gears are also well-known for being efficient & flexible, so that many companies remain loyal to use them in their production machines. With a compact & futuristic design, the NMRV & NMR power worm gear can be used in all industries.


Specification :

Worm gear NMRV available in sizes : 025, 030, 040, 050, 130, and 150

Worm gear NMRV Power available in sizes: 063, 075, 090, and 110 Material: Aluminum alloy (up to 110)

Cast iron (size 130 & 150) Ratio : from 5 up to 100

Available with flange for Motor coupling, hollow input and output Options: Torque arm, output flange, output shaft



B.   Motovario Helical Gear Reducers / Gearboxes


Specification :

The H-series includes a large number of extremely versatile models, in cast iron (sizes 030 to 140).

TYPE: HA (Aluminum casing) (used to be known as PRC) H (Cast Iron)

RATIO: From 1.33 up to 353.98

POWER is pp to 5.5kW (HA), also up to 45kW (H)

STYLE: Available with flange mounting, foot mounting, or universal mounting


2.  Gearbox Rossi Indonesia

Rossi Motoriduttori (ITALY) is a company that creates and markets manufacturing gear box, gearmotor and electric motor products. Founded in 1953 in Modena, Italy, Rossi Motoriduttori has always been committed to improving product quality, continuous investment and structured research to find the latest system solutions.

Because of its commitment, Rossi Motoriduttori is the first company in Italy and the second company in Europe to receive ISO 9001-2000 quality system certification from a transmission engine manufacturer.


Rossi’s products are widely-known for the high quality and reliability in a variety of heavy industrial applications, such as: single screw extruders, cooling towers, rollers, automation equipment, asphalt mixers, chemical mixers, concrete mixers, wind generators, and industrial robots.


PT.Multi Teknik Telaga Indonesia is an official distributor of Rossi Motoriduttori (ITALY) gearboxes & gear reducers. The products that we sell for industrial market in Indonesia are:


Gearbox & Gearbox Reducer Rossi type MR :

  • Gear Box Rossi Type MR 2I 51, 2I 64, 2I 81, 2I 101, 2I 125/126, 2I 140, 2I 160, 3I 51, 3I

81, 3I 101, 3I 126, and 3I 140

  • Gear Reducer Rossi Type MR 2I 180, 3I 64, 3I 160, and 3I 180



3.  MGM Brake Motor

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici S.p.A. is a leading company in ITALY that focuses on the manufacture of Brake Motors. Founded in 1950, it has been supporting OEM companies in the planning and manufacturing of their machines for over 50 years.


MGM Brake Motor (induction motor) is a type of electric motor that works based on the electromagnetic induction. MGM Brake Motor has electrical energy called the stator, the electrical system in the rotor, which is induced through the air gap of the stator, works through an electromagnetic medium.



The use of the MGM Brake Motor must be carefully controlled, because it hugely affects the braking process. This braking is commonly referred as Brake Motors.

MGM Brake Motor uses a precise and reliable braking system, so it can perfectly put on halt using a DC Brake Coil. In a normal or non-tensioned state, the Coil Brake will hold the motor rotor from turning, while in a stressed state the Coil Brake will release the motor rotor to rotate.

The Advantages of Using MGM Brake Motor


The advantages of using MGM Brake Motor are:

  • The Quality and performance have been tested in the engine and braking system (brake)
  • Sturdy, fast, reliable and made with low
  • Specially designed for
  • Designed and created as the original (actual) brake motors which are extremely reliable and
  • Three-phase asynchronous electric motor with integrated frequency
  • The primary source for all
  • Save time and money by providing the right products to keep facilities
  • Perfect installation process, because it has been combined with strong, sturdy and safe
  • Precisely designed to ensure the CE is perfectly marked out and task inverter has more effective
  • Keep running well even in overload conditions, this happens because of the high thermal alternative and the isolation material is class


For those who are confused about finding the type of electric motorbike, MGM Brake Motor is the right solution. Even though it is fairly expensive, it does not stop someone from choosing an electric motorbike because of its advantages.


4.      Marelli Motori

Electric motor (Electric Motor) is an electro-magnetic device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy / motion. Basically, electric motor is used to ease certain jobs. Besides being economical in maintenance, electric motor also has minimal noise.


Not only in the industrial sector, electric motor is often used in daily life as well, including fan or blower, hair driver, electric drill, pump impeller, washing machine, turbine drive, and many more.


Here are some complete series of electric motors and generators:

  1. Medium and High Voltage Synchronous Generators
  2. Low, Medium and High Voltage Asynchronous Generators
  3. Generator for Hydropower, UPS, Cogeneration, Industrial Application
  4. Low, Medium and High Voltage Asynchronous Motors
  5. Low and Medium Voltage
  6. Hazardous Area Motors ( IP55, IP56, IP65). Where each of these products is available in various types and powers ranging up to 4, 000 kW for Motors and 8, 000 kVA for Generators.


The Use of Electric Motor


The use of Electric Motors in the industrial is estimated to around 70% of the total electricity load of the total use in industrial. The use of Marelli Motor Gearbox includes:

  • Power industry (fan, pumps, compressors, mixer, agitators, & conveyor)
  • Conventional power (cogenerations, gensets, turbines, combined heat & power)
  • Marine (auxiliaries, main propulsion, bow thrusters, & power generation)
  • Renewable Power (hydro electric generators & wind generators)
  • Oil & Gas (oil production, petrochemical & mining)


Gearbox Marelli Motori PT. Multi Teknik Telaga Indonesia has been used by various companies in Indonesia, this shows that the performance and reliability of the Marelli Motori Gearbox is unquestioned.

PT. Multi Teknik Telaga Indonesia, The Best Distributor Gearbox in Indonesia


  1. Multi Teknik Telaga Indonesia is one of the SOLE AGENTS for Gearbox Motovario Indonesia, Gearbox Rossi Indonesia, MGM Brake Motor, & Marelli Motori (ITALY).


Located in Sidoarjo (East Java), PT. Multi Teknik Telaga Indonesia is one of the largest companies engaged in the power transmission sector and is the best gearbox distributor in Indonesia that has been officially licensed and guaranteed.

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